Groton Long Point

The charming hamlet of Groton Long Point graces the beaches of Long Island Sound, in New London County, Connecticut.  An unincorporated borough of Groton, this waterfront community has turned many a summer vacationer into a year round resident, and for good reason.

While much of the community comes home to Groton Long Point during the summer months from the middle of June until late September, the year round residents enjoy the wonders of seaside life all year round.  Children attend the schools in the adjacent parent town of Groton.  Travellers are only a few short miles from three Amtrak stations, and most commuters can make the journey to work in under an hour.

Groton Long Point is also situated in close proximity to many amenities, such as hospitals and medical centres, shopping, movie theatres and restaurants.  Everything you might want when you crave bustle and action is nearby, or you can retreat to the calm quiet of watching the sunshine cascade over the water.

During the summer months, the Groton Long Point Yacht Club hosts a series of events, from teen dances to children’s scavenger hunts, making every summer visit a cherished memory for the whole family.

The obvious appeal of this community is the beautiful waterfront lined with long sandy beaches.  But Groton Long Point is more than just beachfront property.  The community boasts an immaculately low crime rate, with violent crimes being almost unheard of.  With less than eight hundred people in the population, the sense of neighbourhood is abundant, friendly and strong.

The Groton Long Point Volunteer Fire Department is another example of the family and community values found in this village.  The fire department takes on the responsibility of protecting and preserving the residents as well as their property.   In addition that, they also embrace any opportunity to orchestrate gatherings and celebrations for the whole community.  This includes fireworks displays on the Fourth of July, parades, picnics and special occasions such as Halloween parties and other events.

Warm sun, gentle breezes and the soothing sound of waves cresting the beach are just part of the allure of Groton Long Point.  The exquisitely beautiful, natural landscape is the perfect complement to the harmony of neighbours found in this area, offering a uniquely enduring investment value as well.

In the year 2000, the average property value in Groton Long Point was approximately $350,000.  By 2009, that value had increased to approximately $670,000.  The solid and robust market value found in Groton Long Point makes it more than just a good vacationing spot, but also a wise strategy from an investment perspective.

Bringing old fashioned family values and community spirit to life is one of the fundamental strengths of Groton Long Point.  Whether you come for the swimming, boating or just wish to relax in the sun, you’ll stay for the serenity of body and mind that comes from being part of the genuine community that is Groton Long Point.

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